How to gain confidence through your wardrobe with Liana Chaouli

How to gain confidence through your wardrobe ...

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Neville Goddard and the art of manifestation with Jerry Emeka

Today’s episode is about the works of Neville Goddard and how to manifest with Jerry Emeka. Jerry has experienced playing small, feeling misunderstood, struggling in love and business, and saying hard goodbyes. By utilizing the teachings of Neville Goddard and the law assumption, ...  Show more

How to shift your layer of reality with Reality Transurfing and Renee Garcia

On today’s episode, I’ll be speaking with Renee Garcia, a Certified Reality Transurfing instructor, and an Alternatives Space adventurer. Having ventured deeply into the metaphysical world of Reality Creation she has transformed personal failure into success, poverty into abundan ...  Show more

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(#004) Marisa Peer - Conquer Self-Criticism, Rewrite Your Story, Find Love, #IamEnough
Just Tap In with Emilio Ortiz

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Returning Champions with Leah Garza and Dana Balicki
Hello Universe

To continue our 100th episode celebratio, we had two returning guests—BFFs themselves —to get metaphysical and theoretical with us.   Both Leah and Dana have a way of breaking your brain in the best possible way. Every time you walk away from a conversation with them you see some ...  Show more

How to unveil your most beautiful self outside in with Kimberly Seltzer
Unapologetically Abundant

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