On the Rocks - The Rise & Fall of a Legendary Italian Restaurant

On the Rocks - The Rise & Fall of a Legendary...

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The USA Wine Market - Selling to the Young Consumer

Send us a Text Message.On this episode I'm joined by  Walden Pemantle (Dip-Wset).  Walden and I have a conversation on the state of the USA wine market, the young consumer and what the industry is doing to stay and become more relevant as THE choice for a alcoholic drink.   ...  Show more

The Foods of Italy Pt. 2

Send us a Text Message.John Fodera of johnfodera.com aka Tuscan Vines and I finish our conversation on the Foods of Italy.  Please go to johnfodera.com and subscribe to his newsletter, wine reviews and over 200 recipes.  Contact or Follow Rob: www.foodwinewhiskey.com rob@foodwine ...  Show more