This is 'Imshi Imshi'

This is 'Imshi Imshi'

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Fight Against Food Insecurity with Maen Mahfoud

Today’s tale is one of transformation, resilience, and social impact. We’re joined by Maen Mahfoud  whose remarkable path took him from the heart of Syria to the forefront of social entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.  From medical student to founder of Replate, a revolutionary p ...  Show more

Redefining Beauty Standards with Teni Panosian

Today, we journey with Teni Panosian, whose voyage from Tehran amid turmoil to the entrepreneurial triumph in the beauty world, embodies the essence of resilience and self-discovery.  Born into an Armenian Christian family, Teni's narrative unfolds across continents, facing a maj ...  Show more

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GHASSAN ZEINNEDINE | Dearborn & The Post 9/11 Arab American Experience | Conversations
The afikra Podcast

Dearborn, capturing the diverse voices of Dearborn’s residents, and doing justice to the myriad Arab-American lived experiences post 9/11. We discuss the complexities of faithfully depicting a multi-layered community through short-stories, the history of Arab-American immigration ...  Show more

FWD: "How Japanese Anime ‘Grendizer’ Galvanized the Arab World" - Arab News [Community Presentation]
Bas Sou'al | afikra Community Podcast

In this afikra FWD, Mohamad tells the story of the People’s Champ: Grendizer as told by an article on Arab News. The article and Mohamad discuss how Grendizer found its way to Arab TVs and become an icon for young children. Note: Mohamad is not an expert on this subject but is sh ...  Show more

FWD: "Andrée Acouri, the World’s First Arab Model” - Vogue Arabia [Community Presentation]
Bas Sou'al | afikra Community Podcast

In this afikra FWD, Caroline Schaefer forwards Vogue Arabia's article on the first Arab supermodel the Lebanese Andrée Acouri. Caroline explains Acouri's career and her life today years after walking Dior, Channel runaways around the world. Note: Caroline is not an expert on this ...  Show more

FWD: “History of Arabs in Singapore” [afikra Community Presentation]
Bas Sou'al | afikra Community Podcast

In this afikra FWD, Salah Mhamdi talked about the history of Arabs in Singapore by discussing the article "Singapore’s Arab community traces ancestral roots to Yemen’s Hadhramaut Valley". He further elaborated on the Hadhrami Arabs and their integration in Singapore.  Note: Salah ...  Show more