Unlocking the taboo of the Arab dating world with Leila Muhaizen

Unlocking the taboo of the Arab dating world ...

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Fight Against Food Insecurity with Maen Mahfoud

Today’s tale is one of transformation, resilience, and social impact. We’re joined by Maen Mahfoud  whose remarkable path took him from the heart of Syria to the forefront of social entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.  From medical student to founder of Replate, a revolutionary p ...  Show more

Redefining Beauty Standards with Teni Panosian

Today, we journey with Teni Panosian, whose voyage from Tehran amid turmoil to the entrepreneurial triumph in the beauty world, embodies the essence of resilience and self-discovery.  Born into an Armenian Christian family, Teni's narrative unfolds across continents, facing a maj ...  Show more

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What's Going on With Domestic Workers in Lebanon?
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This episode discusses the culture of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, and across the Middle East.  For transcripts and translation, or to sign up for Arabic classes, go to our website:  https://realarabic.weebly.com