Finding courage in political libration with Maytha Alhassen

Finding courage in political libration with M...

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Fight Against Food Insecurity with Maen Mahfoud

Today’s tale is one of transformation, resilience, and social impact. We’re joined by Maen Mahfoud  whose remarkable path took him from the heart of Syria to the forefront of social entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.  From medical student to founder of Replate, a revolutionary p ...  Show more

Redefining Beauty Standards with Teni Panosian

Today, we journey with Teni Panosian, whose voyage from Tehran amid turmoil to the entrepreneurial triumph in the beauty world, embodies the essence of resilience and self-discovery.  Born into an Armenian Christian family, Teni's narrative unfolds across continents, facing a maj ...  Show more

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Elizabeth S. Kassab, "Enlightenment on the Eve of Revolution: The Egyptian and Syrian Debates" (Columbia UP, 2019)
New Books in Middle Eastern Studies

The "Arab Spring" shook the world in 2011, revealing profound dissatisfaction throughout the Middle East and North Africa, as people throughout the region took to the streets demanding dramatic political change. The uprisings have been analyzed by scholars, journalists, and other ...  Show more

LAYLA K. FEGHALI on The Land in Our Bones /361
For The Wild

In a timely and heart-wrenching episode, returning guest Layla K. Feghali shares the power and perseverance of homeland, even in the face of colonial violence. As the genocide in Palestine continues and worsens, Layla offers a powerful call to listen to our rage and take real act ...  Show more

Rishad Choudhury, "Hajj Across Empires: Pilgrimage and Political Culture After the Mughals, 1739-1857" (Cambridge UP, 2023)
New Books in Middle Eastern Studies

In Hajj Across Empires: Pilgrimage and Political Culture After the Mughals, 1739-1857 (Cambridge UP, 2023), Rishad Choudhury presents a new history of imperial connections across the Indian Ocean from 1739 to 1857, a period that witnessed the decline and collapse of Mughal rule a ...  Show more

Yascha Mounk: Why Society Crumbles When We Obsess Over Identity
This Jungian Life Podcast

Yascha Mounk is a political scientist and author focused on the challenges facing liberal democracies and the rise of populism. As a Johns Hopkins University professor and senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, he critically examines identity politics in modern societ ...  Show more