anything goes with emma chamberlain

anything goes with emma chamberlain

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cringe, a talk with emma

recently i've been thinking about cringe. i can look at something and be like, that's cringe. i can do something and be like, “emma, that was cringe.” but i rarely ask myself why. i don't think it's possible to completely avoid being cringe, but i feel like understanding what mak ...  Show more

the dangers of stress, a talk with aditi nerurkar [video]

[video available on spotify] to be human today is to be stressed out, which is why i'm excited to be talking to dr. aditi nerurkar about stress. she's a harvard physician and lecturer, and a nationally recognized stress expert. she's also the author of the “the 5 resets: rewire y ...  Show more

uniform dressing, a talk with emma

this episode is going to come as a shock to many of you because many of you know me as a fashion lover. i recently became obsessed with the idea of dressing in a uniform. my default mode of getting dressed in the morning is putting something new on every day. i've flirted with th ...  Show more

botox, filler, and more, a talk with kristina kitsos [video]

[video available on spotify]  a couple of weeks ago, i made the decision that i was going to get laser hair removal, and i was referred to kristina kitsos. she's so incredibly knowledgeable about all of the popular treatments today, from botox, to filler, to anything you can imag ...  Show more

the seduction of "hard to get," a talk with emma

i had an epiphany recently and it's been really fascinating because it's about a belief that i've had that i wasn't fully conscious of. the subconscious belief that i've carried almost my whole life is that people who are harder to get are better. people who are harder to get can ...  Show more