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the best home decor trends, in my opinion

do you want to know one of the things i love? home decor, the art of the home. i'm a very visual person, so i think that's why i love interior design. so, in honor of my love of home decor and interior design, today i’m going to share with you some of my favorite home decor trend ...  Show more

a talk with charli xcx [video]

[video available on spotify] today, i’m feeling a little more energized than usual because it's not often that i'm in the presence of a pop star - charli xcx aka charlotte atchison. are you kidding me? she runs her own label, directs music videos, co-manages developing artists, a ...  Show more

friendship challenges, advice session

welcome to advice session, a series here on anything goes, where you send in your current dilemmas or anything you want advice on, and i give you my unprofessional advice. today i've gathered some questions and complicated situations that involve friendship. so let’s dive in. Lea ...  Show more

a talk with cody ko and kelsey kreppel [video]

[video available on spotify] this is a very full circle moment because today i'm bringing on the two people i spoke to when i went on my very first podcast, cody ko and kelsey kreppel. cody is the host of the podcast insanely chill, and kelsey hosts the podcast, circle time. they ...  Show more

the ethics of anti-aging, i’m ranting again

when you're young, birthdays are exciting because it means that you're unlocking new, adult activities. you're unlocking new mature responsibilities. this year, i turned 23 and realized that's over for me. depending on who you are, birthdays after a certain point can become even ...  Show more