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Mitchell Mobayed, Co-founder & CRO At Truly Secure

Today we have Mitchell Mobayed with us, The co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Truly Secure. An IT services provider for digital transformation. Utilizing strategy, datacenter & cloud implementation, cybersecurity, and Dev-Ops to build modern workplaces. While providing thei ...  Show more

John Sanei, Business Strategist And Speaker

On this episode of Dubai Works, we're joined by John Sanei. A business strategist and speaker who combines human behavior and future studies to create keynotes, masterclasses and books that help people, businesses and brands build the courage and clarity they need to forge t ...  Show more

Nour Sabri, CEO of Borrow Me

Today we’re joined by Nour Sabri, the CEO of BorrowMe. A Dubai-based start up, allowing users to rent virtually anything, as opposed to buying it. Whilst simultaneously giving the owners a method of gaining extra income, from everyday unused items in their household. Topics: * Th ...  Show more

Christian Papathanasiou CTO of FinVault

Today we’re joined by Christian Papathanasiou, CTO of FinVault, a Web3 banking platform that gives individuals and businesses full control of their money and digital assets, all in one secure vault. 

Soham Shah, CEO at Selfdrive

Today we’re joined by Shoham Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of Selfdrive, a technology-based car subscription platform that helps car manufacturers and dealerships to put brand new, latest car models on roads via renting and leasing. . The story of Selfdrive . The company's growth ...  Show more

Gary Lavin, founder of Vithit

Today we’re joined by Gary Lavin, the founder of VitHit. A low calorie beverage company, created with the intention of becoming an alternative to sugar filled drinks dominating the industry.