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How to fundraise with Actis Partner Hossam Abou Moussa (Ep 22)

In 20 years of working in private equity, Hossam Abou Moussa has seen the makings of great businesses across industries in Egypt and other emerging markets. At Actis, he is a partner in the private equity business, as well as chief operating officer of the unit. Actis is one of t ...  Show more

Growing a diagnostics powerhouse with Integrated Diagnostics Holding CEO Hend El Sherbini (Ep 21)

Hend El Sherbini took over her mother’s testing facility MK Lab in Egypt and rebranded it to Al Mokhtabar in 2004, with the intention of providing affordable and quality testing beyond Cairo.  16 years later, El Sherbini sits atop Integrated Diagnostics Holding, a merger of Al Mo ...  Show more

Playing moneyball with Arqam FC CEO Ali ElFakharany (Ep 20)

Ali ElFakharany got hooked on sports data as a university student, and the blog he started to analyze the Egyptian Premier League blossomed into a company in 2017. But the local market was not ready for Arqam’s services, and so Ali turned to Europe. In 2019, Arqam was acquired by ...  Show more

Transforming security with MagicCube co-founders Hisham Shawki and Nancy Zayed (Ep 19)

Hisham Shawki and Nancy Zayed launched MagicCube in 2014 with the intention of eliminating the redundancy of hardware-based security currently used in mobile and IoT devices. The primary target of their technology is the USD 48 bn POS hardware market, a strategy that attracted in ...  Show more

Debating bricks or clicks with Majid Al Futtaim Properties CEO Ahmed Galal Ismail (Ep 18)

With brick and mortar retail seeing declining growth in developed markets fueled by competition from e-commerce, Majid Al Futtaim tells a story that might look a little different in emerging markets. Malls here still see growing popularity and Majid Al Futtaim’s retail brands are ...  Show more