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#194 Abigail Shrier: The Parent-Therapy Trap

Over the last decade, therapy has become the de facto solution to solve all sorts of problems for all sorts of people. Everyone has slowly accepted that therapy is normal and a net benefit to society. But instead of helping kids work through difficult circumstances, what if it's ...  Show more

#193: Dr. Jim Loehr: Change the Stories You Tell Yourself

What if reaching the next level of success wasn't determined by another skill, degree, or course but by something that changed on the inside? That's what Dr. Jim Loehr believes, and in this episode, he reveals everything he knows about mental toughness and winning the mind game. ...  Show more

#192 David Segal: Yearly Planning, Daily Action

Working in a business and working on a business are two different things. Without the former, nothing gets done; without the latter, the wrong things get done. David Segal has a unique way of managing that tension, and this episode, he reveals all his business operating secrets a ...  Show more

#191 Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Diet Essentials For Healthy Living

Shane Parrish sits down with the renowned biochemist Dr. Rhonda Patrick to explore the intricate world of nutrition and health. Dr. Patrick provides a deep dive into the role micronutrients play in our daily health, detailing how deficiencies and insufficiencies in vitamins, mine ...  Show more

#190 Brad Jacobs: Building a Business Empire

Throughout his tenure, Brad Jacobs has built multiple billion-dollar companies. While there is no "playbook" for growing a business, he focuses on a few factors above all else in every company he operates, and in this conversation, he reveals them all. Shane and Jacobs discuss ho ...  Show more