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Grieving with Honesty, Humility, and Hope

‏Over the last year we’ve experienced loss in many ways, from disturbed routines, to job loss, and even the loss of loved ones. In this episode Jenna Samuel sits down with Josh Smith, director of counseling at Sure Oaks, a ministry of Redeemer Dubai. Josh explores the topic of gr ...  Show more

Q&A: Leadership Failure, Doubt, and Walking Away from the Faith

‏Hebrews 5—6 contains sobering warnings about those “who have tasted the goodness of the word of God,” and yet fall away from the faith: they cannot be brought back to repentance. Following on the heels of last week’s sermon on that text, this episode of Redeemer Conversations go ...  Show more

Fake News? Being People of Truth in a Time of Information Overload and Confusion

‏Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the information available today? The news, social media, and even WhatsApp forwards are all trying to claim that they hold the keys to the truth. Throw in a global health crisis, and the need for clarity is more essential than ever. With so ...  Show more

Honest and Hopeful Reflections on 2020

‏When you think back on the year 2020, what comes to the forefront of your mind? Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic, financial instability, physical and mental health struggles, political turmoil, burnout, or Zoom fatigue? Yet through all the trials and joys of 2020, God has been fait ...  Show more

Reconnecting With Community Amidst Loosening Restrictions

‏As 2020 comes to a close, many of us may feel that our socially-distanced lives have caused our community “muscles” to become weak. We have not attended a Friday worship service or met with community groups in person for months, and yet now as our once-familiar rhythms slowly re ...  Show more