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461. 10 Years Coaching – Lessons Learned Part 3: Money

‏It doesn't matter how much money you have, we all struggle with money drama from time to time. So this week, I'm sharing the most valuable lessons I've learned about money from my 10 years as a coach.   You'll hear how your thoughts about yourself and your beliefs about money be ...  Show more

460. 10 Years Coaching - Lessons Learned Part 2: Love

‏To celebrate my business’s 10th birthday, I’m sharing some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned helping thousands of clients in my programs and millions more through this podcast.   Tune in this week to discover the game-changing lessons I’ve learned about love and the impo ...  Show more

459: 10 Years Coaching - Lessons Learned Part 1: Business

‏We’re celebrating Jody Moore Coaching’s 10th birthday this May! All month long, you’ll hear my journey of finding coaching, becoming a coach, how I grew my team and company, and most importantly, what I’ve learned after helping millions of people create a life that’s better than ...  Show more

458. Handling Passive-Aggressive Behavior

‏Do you have someone in your life who displays passive-aggressive behavior? Do you ever catch yourself being passive-aggressive with the people around you? I don’t know about you, but I believe every single one of us is guilty of passive-aggressive behavior from time to time, so ...  Show more

457. Decision Energy

‏The phenomenon of decision fatigue describes the physical, mental, and emotional depletion we feel when we have to make a bunch of decisions, especially within a certain time frame. However, have you ever considered the energy that making confident decisions could give you? What ...  Show more