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28. Of admiration and idolization: people I've looked up to through the years

‏On this week’s season finale, we wrap it up with a blast from past (fuck). We recount tales of our favorite childhood role models, inspirations, and fictional characters. We explore the extreme realities of idealization and how it has changed and manifested differently though th ...  Show more

27. With caution, to my future self

‏In this week’s episode, we take an unexpected (lol) turn into the future, checking in with present-us on what they want one-year-from-now-us to achieve (confusing we know). Join us as we set (potentially unreachable) mid-year goals, with our trademark intermissions (about the ap ...  Show more

26. With never-ending changes: our journeys of identity ft. Sarah

‏In this week’s episode, we explore the history and evolution of our (geographic, political, social, emotional) identities with our very dear friend, and second guest for the season, Sarah. “Hello! It’s Sarah, I’m 21 years old and I live in Lebanon. Although I’ve lived here most ...  Show more

25. With no answers to our Qs: if my dog could speak for a day ft. Percy

‏In this week’s episode we bring to life one of our most important, notable, distinguished guests: Percy! We ask our un-answering canine all the questions we’ve ever had; if only they could speak for 24 hours. Enjoy! 

24. Withstanding emotional paper-cuts

‏This week’s episode brings us a prompt: paper-cuts. What is a paper-cut, and more importantly, what is an emotional paper-cut? They can be easy pains, long-endured pains that we have become accustomed to, or pains that are so deep that no matter how much healing we do, will neve ...  Show more