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How We Can Tackle Climate Equity With the World’s Oldest Tech: Trees

Environmental Justice covers a lot of areas, including cultural, social, and economic elements. On this episode, we wanted to dive into how tree equity can help create more socioeconomic equity in urban landscapes.Talib chatted with Maisie Hughes, the senior director of urban for ...  Show more

Best of WCI: Gravity Payments

In the holiday spirit of generosity and gratitude, we wanted to bring you one of our favorite interviews from this past year.In March, Talib chatted with Gravity Payments Founder and CEO Dan Price about his decision to give all of his employees a $70,000 minimum wage.To learn mor ...  Show more

How This Cashmere Cardigan Wants to Save the Planet One Goat at a Time

Back in May, we learned about the lowest carbon footprint sneaker with Cariuma cofounders David Python and Fernando Porto. Today we’ll be diving into a different type of clothing - luxury fashion.Talib sat down with Vanessa Barboni Hallik, the founder and CEO of Another Tomorrow, ...  Show more

Innovator's Inspiration: Jelani Memory

On this episode of “Innovator’s Inspiration” we're talking with A Kids Company About CEO and Founder Jelani Memory to hear his thoughts on other innovations and find out what he’d be doing if he wasn’t running a new media company. 

How Should We Talk to Kids About Racism

Racism is an elusive concept but one that pervades almost every facet of society. It's been the architect of many injustices, and it’s something this country is continuing to face on a daily basis.Talib chatted with Jelani Memory to hear what his experience was like figuring out ...  Show more

Innovator's Inspiration: Jen Willig

On this episode of “Innovator’s Inspiration,” we're hearing how hive Co-founder and CEO Jenifer Willig was inspired to take on malnutrition through video games.For more about Jen and Lifepack, check out and