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Sam Harris On Consciousness, Meditation, Misinformation, AI, & What Ails The Modern World

Sam Harris is a renowned neuroscientist, philosopher, bestselling author, and host of the wildly popular Making Sense podcast.This conversation explores the crisis of misinformation and the erosion of critical thinking in society. Sam shares his journey of understanding conscious ...  Show more

Roll ON: Journaling, Creativity & Process—Plus Transformative Books, Thoughts on Regenerative Agriculture & Remembering Swimming's Greatest Coach

Mr. Adam Skolnick and I are back in the saddle for Roll On—ready to unpack all that’s transpired in our worlds and beyond! Specific topics include the creative anxieties of book publishing (Adam finished his novel!), a recent podcast kerfuffle (i.e., Ozempic), my trip to India an ...  Show more

Psychiatrist Phil Stutz Knows What’s Wrong With You & Has The Tools To Fix It

Phil Stutz is a renowned psychiatrist, author, and the protagonist in the Netflix documentary “Stutz”.This conversation explores the intersection of spirituality and Phil’s iconoclastic perspective on personal growth, which emphasizes actionable tools over traditional talk therap ...  Show more

Navigate Modern Dating & Create A Healthy Love Life: Relationship Coach Matthew Hussey on Breaking Destructive Cycles, Attracting Authentic Connections & More

This week, I’m joined by Matthew Hussey, the celebrated relationship expert and bestselling author, to discuss the intricacies of modern dating and to raise standards for authentic connections. With honest truths, he addresses embracing self-worth, setting boundaries, and cultiva ...  Show more

Ozempic: Weight Loss Miracle Drug or Something Darker? Johann Hari on The Benefits & Risks

This week, I’m joined by Johann Hari, New York Times bestselling author, journalist, and speaker, to explore his journey into the world of the new weight loss drug phenomenon: Ozempic. Johann shares his surprising firsthand experience injecting himself weekly with the drug for ov ...  Show more