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Tech Edition - How Abu Dhabi's Adia Lab will use data for progress

Never before have we had so much computing power so widely available. We have super computers, we have quantum computers and, yes, we have an unprecedented amount of data. It is all creating a perfect situation where we now have the ability to potentially make predictions, make p ...  Show more

Tech Edition - AI-generated deepfake videos, why should we worry?

AI-generated deepfake videos and images often go viral, deceiving millions before the truth comes out, and even then, it keeps on circulating. In fact, 2023, according to one study, saw a record-setting number of AI incidents. Can anything be done amid a technological climate whe ...  Show more

Tech Edition - Bloomberg officials on the impact of AI on finance

Since 2022, the ripple of artificial intelligence has turned into a tidal wave around the world, having an effect on almost all industries and areas of expertise, including finance and investing. Bloomberg, a leading global platform for business and financial information, has its ...  Show more

Tech Edition - How an AI model will transform the health sector

Large language models, more commonly known as LLM, are the backbone of what makes artificial intelligence so intelligent. M42, Abu Dhabi's technology-enabled healthcare company, has designed a clinical generative AI LLM to serve as an assistant to doctors, patients, nursing staff ...  Show more

What is the future of entrepreneurship in Sharjah?

What do you do with a critical mass of talent yearning to make an entrepreneurial mark in the Middle East? That is the task faced by the UAE’s northern emirate of Sharjah. In particular, that is the task of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre, or Sheraa, a government-backed organ ...  Show more