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Grape Therapy: Understanding Numerology & the Moon with Spirit Daughter

It is 1/11 AND the first new moon of 2024, so of course, Kaitlyn wanted to learn more about numerology and what the new moon in Capricorn actually means for us. Jill Wintersteen (founder of @SpiritDaughter) is here to walk us through it all, in a digestible way. With her backgrou ...  Show more

Solo Dolo: The Golden Wedding, Ins & Outs Lists + a GAIN Meditation

Kaitlyn is having one of those days, Vinos. You know, the kind where you record a full 40 minutes and then find out you forgot to press record. Yeahhhh, one of those. BUT, she pulled it together for today’s pod and is joining us from the comfort of her couch. Without having a ful ...  Show more

Grape Therapy: Internet Drama, Ick Lists, & Intentions with Bailey Stanworth

New year, new intention: No more sh!tting on yourself. Although Kaitlyn admits it is difficult for her to do when all the internet seems to do is just that. On today’s episode, Kaitlyn is joined by one of her besties, Bailey Stanworth , cozied up on the couch with a glass of wine ...  Show more

The Golden Couple: Gerry + Theresa Talk Bachelor Nation, BTS Moments, and Bullsh!t Rumors

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, Bachelor Nation’s first-ever golden couple, are on the pod today to talk about their whirlwind of an experience both on and off of the show. After watching their love story unfold on The Golden Bachelor, Kaitlyn is excited to talk to them about ever ...  Show more

Grape Therapy: Big Life Changes & Building Resilience with the ShrinkChicks

This episode is putting the “therapy” in “Grape Therapy.” It's been almost a year since our favorite Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, the ShrinkChicks, have been on the pod. A lot can change in a year. Change is a natural part of life, so Em and Jen are here to help us na ...  Show more