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E01 - Early days of ecommerce and niche markets with Mona Ataya from Mumzworld

Mona Ataya, one of the most recognizable female entrepreneurs in the MENA region shares her journey on starting an ecommerce business is the very early days of online shopping, and explains how she served a niche market while keeping up with the fast paced change in consumers' be ...  Show more

E02 - Rebranding and putting your brand at risk with Jon Richards from yallacompare

From compareitforme to yallacompare, Jon discusses what it took to make the switch and how they were able to maintain the brand image and even boost it by making smart and calculated marketing tricks 

E03 - Building an engineering powerhouse in MENA with Elie Habib from Anghami

Building your own product in a changing environment is difficult and can cost you a fortune, in this conversation Elie shares his journey about how he built Anghami, to become the first legal music streaming platform and digital distribution company in the Arab world 

E04 - Media, content creation and monetization with Kaan Kayabli from Onedio

Few media platforms cracked the monetization model, Onedio is one of the platforms that did with a relatively low cost, in this episode, Kaan shares the ideal strategy that worked for them to generate content, build a community, and monetize 

E05 - Scaling your e-commerce business with Hosam Arab from Tabby

Starting with building Namshi and now on to Tabby, Hossam shares his long journey in the e-commerce industry to tap into merchants and consumers experiences