Spider-Dan And The Secret Bores

Spider-Dan And The Secret Bores

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My Bloody Valentine (1981) V.S. My Bloody Valentine (2009) W/ Dan Burgess

Happy Bloody #Valentines to the #Prattalion! #DanBurgess descends into the darkness with me, to stroke my nozzle while comparing both the original & remake of #MyBloodyValentine in all their blood pumping, heart pounding gory! Which film will succeed in winning hearts & mines and ...  Show more

Candyman (1992) W/ Sarah Coyne

Finally Sarah Coyne gives “Sweets To The Sweet” as she reintroduces us to the unspoken urban legend of #CliveBarker’s #Candyman! There’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hive when #TonyTodd has #VirginiaMadsen hypnotically hooked! Join us as we discuss childhood trauma, gothic ...  Show more

Tokyo Gore Police (2008) W/ Angry Andy Reviews

#SharingTheSilverScreen Begins!! Where myself & co-host Angry Andy will alternate between our channels, taking turns sharing a film the other hasn't seen! The public have spoken! So I'm introducing Andy to the nonsensical cacophony of carnage that is #TokyoGorePolice feat ...  Show more

Lars & The Real Girl (2007) W/ Blake Byles

Can the supposedly icky topic of #SexDolls make for a heart-warming film? Blake Byles thinks so and he’s here to convince me after all this time that it’s still worth the hype! #RyanGosling hooks up with another #Barbie doll in the indie darling #LarsAndTheRealGirl. Join us as we ...  Show more

End Of Days (1999) W/ Angry Andy Reviews

Why not ring in the #NewYear with choirboy #AngryAndyReviews raining down hellfire upon #ArnoldSchwarzenegger's #EndOfDays. In the seeming twilight of his movie career Arnie takes a bold risk on this religious/horror/action/thriller but does it pay off or should he have sold ...  Show more