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The Quatermass Conclusion (1979) W/ TD Velasquez

TD Velasquez of #AndNowThePodcastStarts returns after being beamed to another planet to celebrate #NigelKneale’s centenary as he defends the underrated final entry in Kneale’s #Quatermass saga #TheQuatermassConclusion join us as we discuss exploding children, “wet brains” & old m ...  Show more

Top 5 Loose Shakespearean Movie Adaptations W/ Tony Farina

“If podcasts be the food of love, play on!” Tony Farina joins me once again to pull me back to my theatrical roots with our Top 5 Loose #Shakespearean Movie #Adaptations. We bring our own personal experience with the bard’s work and how it informed our own as a performer and as a ...  Show more

Goodfellas (1990) W/ Angry Andy Reviews

It's time to gather your shine boxes! As #AngryAndy seduces and guides me through the underworld of this seminal mafioso movie #MartinScorsese's #Goodfellas THAT I HAVE NEVER SEEN! In a new format #LastStopOnTheHypeTrain where I finally view movies on my bucket list!! Join us as ...  Show more

Top 5 Vampire Movies W/ Paul Mellor & Dennis Whittle

We bid you welcome to our Top 5 #VampireMovies podcast myself, Dennis & Paul have scoured the deepest darkest parts of the internet to satiate our bloodlust. To feed you the nicest #Nosferatu & the most delightful #Dracula films. Join us as we discuss #CoronationStreet, bondage a ...  Show more

Maximum Carnage V.S. Absolute Carnage W/ Mike Burton

Much like #SpiderMan & #Venom, Mike Burton of #GenuineChitChat and I have put our differences aside to tackle #Carnage! In yet another #CloneBores we compare two murderous #MarvelComics events, its #MaximumCarnage V.S. #AbsoluteCarnage!! Join us as we discuss Blood Tornados, Good ...  Show more