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Scott Galloway: This Generation is Struggling, How America Went Adrift and What To Do About It | E197

Since the pandemic, the world has had to learn how to navigate change. Factors like political extremism, the Great Resignation, the market downturn, etc. have impacted everyone, especially young people. America has a problem with prioritizing the wealth of older generations and k ...  Show more

Hala Taha: How I Built A Personal Brand And Massive Following On LinkedIn and YAP Podcast (Creative Counsel Podcast)

The podcast world has blown up over the past decade, so the rules for podcasting have changed rapidly and significantly. How can a strong personal brand and social media presence improve your chances of gaining a large podcast following? Good news - The Podcast Princess has the a ...  Show more

YAPClassic: Sheila Heen on Difficult Conversations and How to Discuss What Matters Most

"Hey, we need to talk..." -- if these words scare you, trust that you're not alone! Whether we’re dealing with an underperforming employee, upset with our spouse, or facing issues with a difficult client, we attempt to avoid difficult conversations every day. Healthy relationship ...  Show more

Robert Cialdini: World's #1 Influence and Persuasion Expert Shares All | E196

Robert Cialdini is known globally as the foundational expert in the science of influence. His Six Principles of Persuasion have become a cornerstone for any organization serious about effectively increasing its influence. His research is focused on uncovering why people say “yes” ...  Show more

Hala Taha: How To Leverage LinkedIn To Grow Your Brand and Your Bank Account (The Action Academy Podcast)

Have you been sleeping on LinkedIn? Are you focusing most of your time on building your Instagram or Twitter following? If you don’t see the value of a strong LinkedIn profile, you’re behind the times! Hala Taha recorded, edited, and launched the first episode of Young and Profit ...  Show more