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The Entrepreneurial Dash - Episode no. 31 - Interview Special With Zainub Jenna Bata, Director - ZtartUp Network & Entrepreneur

In a conversation with Faisal Zaidi around Ztarting Up - Zainub Jenna Bata, a famed professional in the UAE startup network emphasizes on creating a new entity in the GenZ world where attention span is expensive.  Shedding light on creating a pitch deck that sticks, Zainub shares ...  Show more

The Entrepreneurial Dash - Episode 30 - Interview Special with Lynnette Sacchetto Director - Research and Data at Property Finder Riccardo Scala Director - The Private Client Office Luxurypropert

The Entrepreneurial Dash - Episode 30  Shailesh Dash in conversation with Lynnette Sacchetto - Director of Research & Data for the Property Finder Group & Riccardo Scala - Director of The Private Client Office - Luxury Sales & Leasing. speaks about the Real Est ...  Show more

The Entrepreneurial Dash Ep 29 - The Importance of Tech

Technology and its use in the business environment is bewildering and with its rapid development and  so many innovations it is easy to be left behind. In this episode Shailesh Dash and executive producer Phil Blizzard talk you through 'everything tech'. From Artificial ...  Show more

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 28 - Interview with Hans Henrik Christensen, VP, Dtec

In this 'interview special' our guest is Hans Henrik Christensen, Vice President of Dtec, Dubai which is the largest technology innovation hub in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region.  Dtec, located at Dubai Silicon Oasis, is a creatively designed workspace and ...  Show more

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 27 - Investment Opportunities with Real Estate

Successful investing has been the theme for recent episodes and continues now with a look at real estate as Investment opportunity. Shailesh starts by guiding you through what you need to be aware of when considering real estate - you could say the 'mechanics' of invest ...  Show more

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 26 - Equity Investments Made Easy

If you would you like to make some extra money through investing in the stock markets this is the episode for you as it will guide you through the pitfalls and put you on the right track. As Shailesh Dash states  "If you want to make a side hustle through investments its importan ...  Show more