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Episode 11: Donna Coane Lead Singer/Drummer With Spirit Of Thunderheart On Moccasin Tracks

Music is by Spirit of Thunderheat: Canoe Farewell and Mountain Flower Chant In this segment of the radio show, Moccasin Tracks, hosts Rick Hunt and Deb Reger talk with Donna Coane who is talking to us  from New York on this live radio broadcast in N'Dakinna.  Donna shares stories ...  Show more

Episode 10: Ernie Sites The Yodeling Cowboy on Moccasin Tracks

Music: Greeting Song with Black Hawk Singers from Wskintow8ganal Wji Aln8bak (New Songs for the Abenaki) Ernie Sites, Cowboy Yodeling Song and The Cowboy Poet In this episode hosts Rick Hunt, Carolyn Hunt and Deb Reger talk with Ernie Sites, cowboy, who shares his music and yodel ...  Show more

Episode 9: A Conversation With Authors Malcolm Ebright and Rick Hendricks (Part 2)

Discussing the book "Pueblo Sovereignty Indian Land and Water In New Mexico and Texas" published by University of Oklahoma Press (oupress.com) we are joined by Malcolm Ebright and Rick Hendricks returning to Moccasin Tracks to highlight topics we didn't have time for in the first ...  Show more

Episode 8: Indigenous Women At Alcatraz And In Leadership A Family Tribal History Perspective

Thank-you to the Indigenous women who have written songs to honor the survivors and victims, families and communities that continue to experience the trauma of residential school. In this episode of Moccasin Tracks we feature He Can Fancy Dance by Cindy Paul, This Northern Girl C ...  Show more

Episode 7: What Is My Place In The Universe with Evan Pritchard

"Part of finding our place in the Universe has to do with realigning ourselves to Mother Earth and our fellow creatures with a much more enmeshed relationship with what we call the natural world which we are part of," says Evan Pritchard. Evan is teacher, researcher, writer and h ...  Show more