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Psychedelic Revolution: The Heart Medicine Protocol w/ Dr. Samuel Lee #496

Today we are joined by Dr. Samuel Lee, MD, a true pioneer in psychiatry, plant medicine, and  psychedelics. After extensive training and 10+ years practicing western psychiatry, Dr. Lee is challenging traditional norms by cultivating a new global paradigm of mental health rooted ...  Show more

Home Water Filtration Demystified: Pristine Hydration on Tap w/ Ophora Water’s Tony & Nick #495

I'm thrilled to have Nick DeValk and Tony Pennington join the show today. Both gentlemen head up Ophora Water, an innovative company making some of the purest, most mineral-rich and oxygen-infused bottled water and filtration systems on the planet. Nick and Tony are true water ge ...  Show more

Flower Power! Using Essences and Elixirs to Elevate Your Mind, Body & Spirit w/ Katie Hess #494

Welcome, deep divers. Today, we splash into the mystical realm of flowers and their energetic wisdom with the captivating Katie Hess. She’s dedicated over 20 years to studying and sourcing rare flower essences from around the globe, distilling their life force and chi into powerf ...  Show more

Blue Light Toxicity Hacks, Infrared Healing & Letting Your Inner Light Shine w/ Matt Maruca #493

I'm thrilled to sit down again with my longtime friend Matt Maruca, founder of Ra Optics (visit and use code LUKE for 10% off your order) and one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to understanding how light impacts human health.  After suffering ...  Show more

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Revisited: Emergency Dispatch - A Future of Medical Freedom Or Tyranny? #492

We felt this conversation was so important and ahead of it’s time, we didn’t want you to miss it. This information is pertinent to what we may be facing in the very near future. Enjoy this rebroadcast of Episode 299 with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. RFK is campaigning for the 2024 U.S. ...  Show more