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Elevate Earth: Consciousness & EMF Solutions w/ Philipp & Ian from Quantum Upgrade #543

We’re getting the band back together! In today’s episode, we dig into the complex realms of human consciousness, cutting-edge science, and quantum technology with two brilliant minds you know and love. Welcome back, Ian Mitchell and Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling of Quant ...  Show more

Boundaries: Do No Harm/Take No Shit - Luke as Guest on The Great Unlearn (Bonus rebroadcast)

Today’s bonus rebroadcast originally appeared on episode 92 of The Great Unlearn with Cal Callahan. It’s an epic quadcast with me, Cal, and repeat Life Stylist guests Josh Trent and Dr. John Lieurance. We get into topics of self-healing, vision quests, reversing adrenaline overlo ...  Show more

Common Law School Part 2: Mastering Money & Dismantling Debt w/ Brandon Joe Williams #542

Let’s give a warm welcome back to Brandon Joe Williams for part two of our conversation around navigating the complex legal and financial systems that govern our lives. As a revolutionary thinker, lawyer, and the founder of The Amnesty Coalition, he's dedicated his career to empo ...  Show more

Pornography, Parenting, Psychedelics & Rites of Passage w/ Josh Trent & Dr. John Lieurance #541

I've brought a couple of powerhouse guests back to blow your mind and elevate your consciousness once again. Joining me are Josh Trent and Dr. John Lieurance, two extraordinary individuals who are reinventing how we think about an array of intense and intriguing topics: pornograp ...  Show more

Tobacco-Free Nicotine's Nootropic Superpowers for Learning, Memory & Focus w/ Nicco Magnotto #540

On this, another amazing Tuesday to be alive, we welcome Nicco Magnotto, the co-founder and CEO of Nic Nac Naturals, to the show. Nicco has a wealth of experience in product development, supplements, and specialty ingredients, which eventually led him to create his first startup, ...  Show more