The UPstander's Podcast with Dr. Omekongo

The UPstander's Podcast with Dr. Omekongo

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136. EVERYday is Father's Day! (hip-hop track)

Lyrics Happy Father’s Day to real dads out thereAin’t no one built like you, no one comparesStand proud of who you are for the world to seeBut most importantly stand proud for your whole familyHappy father’s day to real dads out thereAin’t no one built like you no one comparesSta ...  Show more

135. My Father's Day Interview on "The Special Report" with Areva Martin

I sat down with Areva Martin on "The Special Report" with Areva Martin to talk about Father's Day. I believe that we don't celebrate fathers enough so I was happy to be part of this interview.STAY CONNECTED:Instagram | | http://www.twitter ...  Show more

134. 10 Days in America (Be the Change) - Hip-hop song

I wrote this song to pay tribute to those slain in #uvalde, #buffalo, & #lagunawoods and to call YOU to action! She woke up that morning with love in her heartTo see her husband in a nursing home to check on his hearthe went to grab snacks before the movie night starthe guarded t ...  Show more

133. How to fight hate after Buffalo massacre

Sharing my thoughts on the #buffalomassacre. We ALL MUST recommit to being upstanders and not bystanders in the face of ignorance and hate. Your silence is compliance. If you’re not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Whatever you’re doing to fight for peace and cha ...  Show more

131. My i24 News Interview on Critical Race Theory & Ron DeSantis

In this interview, I talk with i24NEWS about the battle over critical race theory. One of the things I stress in this interview is that we can't let Governor DeSantis and his followers frame the narrative. The fact is that critical race theory is NOT taught in K-12 schools. It is ...  Show more

132. Republicans are winning because we got comfortable

I believe that those republicans and ultra conservatives who are seeking to take away women's reproductive rights, voting rights, #lgbtqiaplus rights, and more are winning because we who consider ourselves to be "progressive" got too comfortable. I speak more about it in this vid ...  Show more