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Episode 193: Episode 193: Wine, Women & Cheesesticks

We are joined by Ant Pruitt of! We discuss the then & now of the Thanksgiving Holiday! 

Episode 192: Episode 192: Journalistic Integrity

We welcome first time guest, Nurse Carol, to the show! And we discuss NFL headlines from the past week 

Episode 191: Episode 191: My Shoe Still Smells Like Salmon

We discuss the tragedy on the Alec Baldwin movie set, police resignations, and Dave Chappelle! 

Episode 190: Episode 190: Grit Bowl Love

It's music! We discuss those songs that you love to love without a care in the world! 

Episode 189: Episode 189: Cosmic Bread

A lot of crazy topics... So that calls for a crazier Shotgun Thoughts segment! 

Episode 188: Episode 188: Better Business

We discuss HipHop lyrics that would not fly in today's world!