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296 - The Art of Client Conversations - With Jule Kim

Building TrustIn this episode, host Chris Do sits down with Jule Kim, and they explore the intricacies of the sales process and the transformative power of discipline, trust, and mentorship. They discuss the common sales pitfalls, emphasizing the importance of building initial tr ...  Show more

295 - Building a Creative Business - With Michael Angelo

Pricing EvolutionIn this episode, host Chris Do interviews Michael Angelo, the owner of San Antonio Video Productions, about his career transition from a salaried employee to a full-time entrepreneur. Starting at the age of 15, Michael gained experience freelancing while in colle ...  Show more

294 - Navigating the Past and Future of Broadcast Design - With Ian Dawson

Design, Technology, and the FutureIn this episode, host Chris Do and Ian Dawson explore the evolution of broadcast design from the 90s to the present, focusing on the impact of new technologies like artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Ian sh ...  Show more

293 - Mastering the Language of Business Success - With Phil M. Jones

The Power of WordsIn this episode, host Chris Do interviews Phil M. Jones, a renowned business communication and sales expert, and author of 'Exactly What to Say.' Phil shares his journey from young entrepreneur to successful author and speaker, discussing his creative strategies ...  Show more

292 - The End of the Billable Hour - With Tim Williams

Beyond Time SheetsIn this episode, host Chris Do features a deep dive into the transformation of pricing and positioning strategies within the advertising and professional services industries, guided by insights from Tim Williams, founder of Ignition Consulting Group. Williams di ...  Show more