I Can't Believe You Made Me Watch That

I Can't Believe You Made Me Watch That

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The Happening (2008) feat. @g3thaunted

Consider if you will, a world where industrial man has run amok; nuclear power plants in every state, higways expanding to our very front doors, and the tempurature of our oceans rising at a deadly rate. In this world, man not only ignores the danger, he accelerates it, certain t ...  Show more

Epic Movie (2007) feat. @Scotch_Sailor

It's thanksgiving week which means we're home with family, eating stuffing, and sharing heartwarming memories with our nearest and dearest. for example, remember when there was a Narnia movie?  That's the level of joke you can expect to find in this week's shitty film, EPIC MOVIE ...  Show more

The Wicker Man (2006) feat. @ultra_merethon

Ah, life in the country! Things are so much simpler here. beautiful flowers, decrepit ruins of churches, mysterious women drugging you all the time, plus BEEEEES every where! why, it's almost like we're watching THE WICKER MAN (2006)!!! Joining us is expert on all things paganism ...  Show more

Son of the Mask (2005) feat. @haleyjean99

There just aren't any words sometimes. you think you've seen it all, that you've weathered the storm, that you can protect yourself from anything that comes your way. then the sky turns spiteful, the clouds all bruised yellow and purple, and the air is sucked out of your lungs as ...  Show more

Catwoman (2004) feat. @beescores_

fuck yeah sickos, we're finally gonna get to watch a good one, its about a catburglar who fights batman and it stars halle berry AND sharon stone taking on the patriarchy! *touches earpiece* oh goddamnit. folks, i'm being told there's no batman, its not even gotham city, and the ...  Show more

Gigli (2003) feat. @Sissyb & @Joshuamsparks

*rattles chains* awoooooo, spooky episode! well, not rreally. sorry olks, our list didnt dovetail perfectly with Halloween this year like it did last year, so instead of monsters or Bela Lugosi you're getting hamfisted sexual politics and frankly shocking abuse of the mentally di ...  Show more