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#242 CRYPTO Shawn Silva of A3C Crypto Club Inc & Marco Carlini are here to discuss Cryptocurrency Blockchain & more

DISCLAIMER The following show is in no way advice on how you should invest into cryptocurrency, always do your own research and source out the information for yourself. Shawn Silva, an Engineering Technologist who created A3C to help others navigate the blockchain landscape and M ...  Show more

#241 Essa Abdool-Karim a Corporate / Commercial Lawyer here to share loads about the law and more

DISCLAIMERLet’s begin the show by saying that the information shared on this show is in NO WAY legal advice to any of our listeners, please schedule a meeting with a lawyer to further discuss your particular legal issues.Operating his own private practise for 2 years now, graduat ...  Show more

#240 Bradley Dell from Built By Bradley is here to share his construction life and the hardships he has gone through

This show will relate to so many tradespeople working in the industry, please give this show a listen as Bradley shares why and how he got into construction and the path he took, or you could say the path that took him. Thank you so much Bradley for sharing so much and opening up ...  Show more

#239 Grad Concept Inc Talking the best Deck and Siding Clip Systems with Gwladys Petit and Jon Witt from Deck Protect

What a great show we have, I first met Gwladys and the Grad Concept crew over 2 years ago at IBS, I knew about them through Thermory and the PaCs clip system and trust me, once you use any of the Grad Concept systems, you will never look back at any other type of system for all o ...  Show more

#238 John Masalkofski of Arctic Fence and General Contracting over 50 years of family owned business

Amazing to have John on the show talking the fencing business for the past 50 years, from humble beginnings as an immigrant with his grandfather, working on smaller residential projects to full scale commercial and industrial projects of today. So much to discuss on this show, bu ...  Show more

#237 Mike Valchuk of Building Dreams Contracting Inc. from a life of a franchise owner to successful contracting business

Finally have Mike Valchuk, the man, the myth, the contractor on the show and what a show it is. We begin by discussing his 8 years of construction and how during the beginning of the pandemic Mike and his partner Grant O’Neal felt they needed to pivot, shift gears, an idea that w ...  Show more