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Remembering Dan Hamilton (1969-2022) with Monisha Dabek

“Don’t give up on the things that you believe are worth fighting for - Dan had this endless optimism - if you fought hard enough that you could make anything work.” Dan Hamilton was a longtime friend and mentor to many - an experienced marketing, media, and creative leader - who ...  Show more

Carol Fusek on brain-based coaching - P&G Alumni Coaching

“Things that are outside your control, be transparent — because oftentimes those collisions of change can create innovation.” Carol Fusek is a Neuroleadership Institute brain-based coach who works with individuals, organizations and families to help them thrive. Currently based i ...  Show more

Thanksgiving with Food & FrieMMds (Modern Minorities)

Thanksgiving’s always been special because it combines two universally loved things, being around friends and family, and food — some of the very topics we talk about on another podcast (of Raman's): MODERN MINORITIES, where we share minority voices for all our majority ears. ...  Show more

Kshitij Mulay - Sephora Asia CIO

“Don’t look for conflicts — look for issues. Because every issue or problem is an opportunity to learn and grow.” Kshitij Mulay is currently Sephora’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Asia - enabling the prestige beauty retailer win in digital, eCommerce and data in the omni c ...  Show more

Annie Duke, Author “How to Decide” & “Thinking In Bets”

“Just realize every decision you make is a prediction and act like it - figure out what it is implicitly predicting and make that explicit.” Annie Duke is an author and a consultant in the decision making space, as well as a former professional poker player. Annie is the only wom ...  Show more