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315: CATHERINE ENGELBRECHT, 2000 Mules, Election Fraud, Spiritual War, 10 Guests

12:06p - Don Sevcik: Tips & Tricks To Learn Faster & Smarter For Success + The Fastest FREE Math Tutor 12:17p - JoAnne Sullam: Artist, Author & Wildlife Advocate - Connecting With Nature 12:27p - Cherie Calbom: Juicing For Super Health, Weight Loss & Healing 12:38p - Joshua Reid: ...  Show more

314: DR. KANDISS TAYLOR - Candidate For Governor Of Georgia - The New Politician

Another AMAZING interview with the future Governor! She sets the new standard for what EVERY candidate & politician should be discussing, believing and standing for...all based on traditional values this country was founded upon. If your elected & selected elite are NOT, then you ...  Show more


12:06p - Anna Van Hoek: Taking Back The School Boards In Arizona - Momma Bear Grassroots Candidate 12:17p - Noel Roberts: Patriot Community Update For Phoenix - The Warriors Who Are Rising Up To Take Back America 12:27p - Sendra Dorce: Raising Money In Today's Economy - Funding P ...  Show more

308: SHEILA HOLM, BABY CYRUS, Georgia Guidestones & The Great Reset, CPS Demons

12:06p - Deborah Peters: Science of Propaganda - How It's Destroying Everything In Your Life & Why You Need To Understand It 12:17p - Lois Hollis: Shame Guilt Healing – It’s Time To Stop Blaming Yourself, Turn Your Life Around & Never Look Back 12:27 - Jackie Phillips: Wellness, ...  Show more

307: DINESH D'SOUZA 2000 Mules Election Fraud Proof + BABY CYRUS CPS Kidnapping

SPECIAL GUEST DINESH D'SOUZA Dinesh is a genuine man and his personality off camera is the same as what you see. He'll be speaking at the Mari-Corruption County, AZ GOP event 5/21 and I asked him if any of our legislators / elected elite contacted him...CRICKETS. D’Souza’s latest ...  Show more

306: MG SHOW Exposing Corruption, End Corporate Activism, Best Business Advice

12:06p - Ibra Taher: US Senate Candidate For Oregon - America First Patriot To Turn The State Red 12:17p - Jeremy Torisk: Generate More Business Revenue Without Spending More Money - Find $50K in 45 minutes...Guaranteed! 12:27p - Shiry Sapir: Candidate for Arizona Superintendent ...  Show more