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Special Guest Interview with Podcaster and Entrepreneur Hoang Lam #SaturdayMorningHustle

The very first special guest interview on the #SaturdayMorningHustle is my friend Hoang Lam, host of the Defining Moments Podcast, Founder of Storm Check and CEO of CMM Financial. Hoang created the Defining Moments Podcast because he believes in the power of positive people with ...  Show more

Patience, Persistency and Consistency #SaturdayMorningHustle

Three similar collaborative but different disciplines you need to master to be successful are persistence, patience, and consistency. You may think that they seem to be the same thing, but they're definitely distinctive differences that I will explain to you and how you utili ...  Show more

Applying The #SaturdayMorningHustle Mindset

Let's break down exactly what the #SaturdayMorningHustle podcast, brand and mindset genuinely are, who it's for and how you (no matter who you are) can apply it to your pursuit of success. If you're not trying to be successful - job, side hustle, career, entrepreneur, ...  Show more

Flashback Episode: Patience and Consistency #SaturdayMorningHustle

A flashback episode from March of 2018. This a simple message worth sharing again. I have two words for you: Patience and Consistency. When you combine them together, it equals success. The key to being successful and to creating things that are going to really work out for you, ...  Show more

Strategic Planning 101 #SaturdayMorningHustle

In preparation for my next presentation, a Strategy Review event for business owners on Friday, April 28th from 10:00 - 11:00am CDT at The Treasury OKC, I'm going over the basics of a strategic plan everyone needs to know. More details about the event are below. But first, let's ...  Show more