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Storytelling And Marketing Message: Be Extraordinary And Stand Out Among The Noise With Kami Guildner

The beating of the drums of business trembles into the dance floor of entrepreneurship, and no one will own that floor but the firedancer and her flames of passion. But how will you ignite the flickering flames of passion to light your path towards success? It’s all about storyte ...  Show more

Power-Up Your Follow-Up For More Clients And Sales With Debbie Hoffman

If you do your follow-up right, it will lead to sales. This is all about presenting yourself to other people in the most authentic way possible, not in a salesy approach that only pushes them away. Exploring this topic even further with Patty Farmer is Debbie Hoffman, Follow-Up E ...  Show more

Dress Your Business For Success With Krista Beavers

Most businesses started as passion projects, with owners turning the things they love into income streams. However, many are unaware how to secure business success, and they only send money down the drain. Patty Farmer chats with Master Business Growth Strategist Krista Beavers, ...  Show more

Mastering Leadership: What It Takes To Move From A “Doer” To A “Leader” With Vanessa Judelman

Mastering leadership is something that every entrepreneur should strive for. It is the only way that they can put the right people and processes in place so they can operate in their unique brilliance. And it is the only way that they can generate enough profit and achieve that m ...  Show more

The Mindset Shift You Need To Perform With Speed With Lori Hanson

Not everything you need is big to make a shift. That’s why it’s called a shift. The same thing applies to mindset. Sometimes, a little whisper in your ear is all you need. Known as the “Success Whisperer,” Lori Hanson has been doing this for many years to help entrepreneurs, lead ...  Show more