Fearlessly Facing Fifty

Fearlessly Facing Fifty

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EP191: Lessons in kindness. Meet Susan Verde

Number one New York Times bestselling author and children’s yoga and mindfulness expert Susan Verde knows the power of positive self-talk. For decades, Verde has struggled with her inner critic, a voice inside telling her that she was not enough. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness ...  Show more

EP190: A Mother's Day Special rerun with Alex Sanfillippo

In this episode I talk to the inspiring Alex Sanfilippo.  Not only is Alex a successful podcast host and entrepreneur, but he values the importance of relationships and staying connected.  In this very special Mother's Day episode, we hear in his own words, what it's li ...  Show more

EP189: Smashing the menopause taboo with Jackie Giannelli and Elektra Health

One of my favorite conversations - and one of yours as well - we are replaying some of our favorites from seasons past - and you don't want to miss this one. Menopause is a challenging time for women.  Expanding waistlines, loss of sleep, forgetfulness….we need to find some ...  Show more

EP188: Spring Cleaning with Jill Comes Clean

In this episode we meet the Jill of all trades, Jill Koch, Founder of Jill Comes Clean. She is passionate about so many things - and has mastered the art of reinvention like so many over the years. After the birth of her son, Jill decided to start blogging about the things she lo ...  Show more

EP187: Midday Health at the intersection of women's health and technology

Your menopause journey is certainly not one size fits all. Today my guest is Ann Garnier, the Co- Founder and CEO of Lisa Health, working to transform the lives of over 3.8B women and how they live 1/3 of their life.   Midday exists to help women walk on the brightest path of hea ...  Show more