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Diamond and Silk: Jim Crow Biden is the Racist-In-Chief

I had Diamond and Silk on The Jeff Dornik Show, and they really lit into Joe Biden and the Democrats’ racist history and ideology. And, according to them, Black Americans are waking up to this fact, which is why they’ve been trending Republican ever since Trump got in the politic ...  Show more

Clay Clark Explains How the Planned Monkeypox Plandemic Fits Into the Globalist Agenda to Conquer the World

Clay Clark has all the answers, and he laid out the entire game plan behind monkeypox, starting with their announcement more than a year ago that this was coming to how they launched the “plandemic” to how it fits in their plans to usher in The Great Reset. Get your tickets for t ...  Show more

Mindy Robinson: Is the White House Using A Deep Fake to Coverup Just How Far Gone Joe Biden Is?

Mindy Robinson recently launched a new series called Conspiracy Theory Corner, and her first episode tackled the apparent Deep Fake that the White House used during Joe Biden’s speech the other day. The episode is titled “Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up.” We recorded an i ...  Show more

Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett: Any Politician Associated with the World Economic Forum is a Traitor to America… Including Republicans

During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Josh Barnett and I discussed a wide variety of topics, but one of the most important discussions was regarding the large number of politicians that are tied to the World Economic Forum. According to Barnett, any elected official with t ...  Show more

Chris Widener: The 2022 Mid-Terms Come Down to Comparing Trump’s America vs Biden’s

Chris Widener, who’s putting together the American Freedom Tour headlined by President Donald Trump, lays out the winning strategy that conservatives should take if we want to see the Red Wave come to fruition: A compare and contrast between America under President Donald Trump v ...  Show more