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Adios Amigos: Ep. 486

All we be revealed to your ear buds.  @cookiessf @biglucks17 @chumahan @seanallenlewis Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: 

Bold Ubaldo: Ep. 485

Bold Ubaldo: Ep. 485 Your Bluetooth will shower with it's shower shoes on when Ubaldo hits the HLS Studio to scale out what being sentenced to never coming home does to a young man, hear the path that got him there, the heritage, the upbringing and spirit that caused the bold ...  Show more

I Am Big Lep: Ep. 484

Your earbuds will get right when Mr. Invincible hits the HLS studio brimming with good news, dope stories and the 411 on Schmitty, hear the real, hear the iconic energy, the soul and spirit light up your eardrums like a C4 Flaming Arrows. Pure gold. BONUS: The truth about fentany ...  Show more

Diablo, The Holy Father: Ep. 483

Your Bluetooth will meet long lost relatives when Diablo brings the fire and brimstone to the HLS studio and showcases sisters he never knew he had, what it's like to meet your dad for the first time after decades, more prison tales of rec room hijinx and how he enjoys raisin ...  Show more

McDonald's Massacre: Ep. 482

Your earbuds will see Mayor McCheese get his dome peeled when HLS mixes nostalgia with terror covering the 1984 blood bath in San Ysidro when a calm father walked into a packed McDonald's and for 77 minutes shredded humans into hamburger with a pump shotgun and an UZI. The ma ...  Show more