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Building Community and Connection Through Mental Health and Wellness with Sahaj Kohli

Sahaj Kohli is the founder of Brown Girl Therapy, a mental health and wellness organization for children of immigrants. In this work, she creates resources that promote bicultural identity exploration and the de-stigmatization of therapy in immigrant communities.  Sahaj joins Ala ...  Show more

Activism and Advocacy in a Biased Medical System with Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas calls herself a maternity lifestyle maven. Alaa calls her a revolutionary for women.  Together they are going to explore Latham’s inspirations, her views on the inherent discrimination in the health care system and exploring what it means to be a black mother in Ame ...  Show more

The Power of Storytelling with Rabia Anwar Chaudry

Rabia Anwar Chaudry truly believes that understanding and acceptance can come through the power of storytelling. In fact she has used it in her podcasts to help individuals that have been falsely accused of crimes. Rabia joins Alaa today to talk about the influence story telling ...  Show more

Building Emotion Intelligence within Ourselves and Technology with Dr. Rana el Kaliouby

Founder and CEO of Affectiva, Dr. Rana el Kaliouby joins Alaa on this week’s episode to discuss bringing emotional intelligence to technology, creating her company, Affectiva, and leading with conviction and empathy.Being At The Table means: “It's not just being at the table; it ...  Show more

Redefining the Way We Talk About Peace with Emi Mahmoud

Writing poetry from a young age, Emi Mahmoud started her journey to inspire hope and peace in others. She has done incredible things in her life from co-founding sickle cell research, been name one of BBCs 100 inspirational women, and has worked with President Obama and the Dalai ...  Show more

Finding the Poetry in Advocacy with Najwa Zebian

Lebanese Canadian activist, author, and speaker, Najwa Zebian, joins Alaa on this week’s episode. Najwa discusses what it feels like to belong and not belong at the same time, using her love of poetry to fuel her advocacy and what it means to be our real self.  Being At The Table ...  Show more