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Walls of Abuse | Talie Nordilus story

Talie tells of her experience of moving from Haiti that was her safe place, to America that quickly became secretly unsafe for a 6 year old. Hey you guys!! Today’s episode is FIRE!! I mean to tell you…You are going to feel the FIRE of the Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit was moving and ...  Show more

It’s not OVER till God says it’s over!! (John 11) | Janet Swanson

Janet gives special insight to John 11 You guys! This morning I was reading in John 11 and the Lord poured a word into my heart.  While I was recording, I could see YOU! I could almost see the audience and felt such compassion, hope and faith. Listen, If you BELIEVE you will SEE ...  Show more

When FAITH is connected to your DREAM | with Saleena Justine

Special episode of Janet’s future daughter in law Saleena Justine who has her own podcast and interviewed Janet.   You guys!! OMG I am so in love with this girl!! Rhett says she’s my twin. We don’t look too much alike, but we ACT THE SAME!  We have the same spirit.  Hope you enjo ...  Show more

This is Amazing Grace! Easter is coming!

Janet talks about how she picked out Palm Sunday Songs that point to Easter and what they mean.   You guys, I know this is an old song,  but I pulled it out to do this week because I was feeling it deep in my spirit. Especially after I looked at what it meant. This is how we do o ...  Show more

Renouncing the Sins of the Father | Janet Swanson

Our FAITH forms a “belief system” and…….. everything flows out of our belief system.   In life, your belief system responds to the  faith that’s been poured in your spirit by the Holy Spirit and  therefore your spirit is at work convincing your soul that God is able to do the imp ...  Show more