Spectre in the Fog

Spectre in the Fog

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The Endless Gaping Maw

Well this is it. The final roll of the dice. Zonerath is on a rampage and our investigators are divided. Things, to say the least, are not looking very good. On top of all of that JJ is now heading off towards the east side of the island, with Andrei in cahoots with the Nazi's. A ...  Show more

And the Earth Began to Shake

Last time our investigators found themselves between a rock and hard place. Not only were they being pursued by the spike throwing abominations, they then had to also contend with the Third Riech making lanfall and exploring the island. Andrei continued to ingraciate himslef with ...  Show more

Treaterous Treaties Part 2

In part 1 Andrei welcomed some uninvited guests, a large group of Kriegsmarine who had made landfall on the island to take control of its arcaine treasures. Elsewhere Henry, JJ and Barry were making their escape from the tower as more shambling shapeshifting creatures emerged fro ...  Show more

Treacherous Treaties Part 1

With our investigators now facing an unimaginable threat to not only themselves, but the world, how will they band together to stop this evil from spreading? Perhaps Andrei has found something in his studies that may yet save us all... Tracks used in this episode are: Abandoned W ...  Show more

Byakhee Breakout

Having fought yet another shape shift zombie thing, Henri LePen, the group decide to finally try the ritual summoning of a "little friend" to give some much needed back-up using the half made circle in one of the upstairs rooms. Only problem is, the friend isn't so little... Trac ...  Show more