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Worse Than Your Average Cult

In the last episode of Season 1, Kelly and Heather get very real about some recent documentaries we've seen that have changed the way we view the world. Heather tells us all about the new Bob Ross documentary. Then we get fired up about cults, religion and culture. Warning: discu ...  Show more

Mindset is Everything with Kay Suthar

Join us this week for our interview with very special guest Kay Suthar, who is a UK based Business Strategist, Award Winning Author and Public Speaker. Kay tells us an inspiring tale about the ups and down that led her to be the business savvy entrepreneur she is today. She gives ...  Show more

Oh, Isn't She Pretty

On this episode Kelly and Heather tackle the concept of attractiveness as a character trait. Why do we assign beauty as a positive or negative for a baby/child/teen/adult? How does this affect us as we develop and then shift our choices or thoughts about ourselves and others late ...  Show more

Controversial Contraceptives

 In this episode, Heather and Kelly welcome back guest Nikki to spill the tea on BC.  These three women have very different experiences to share on various types of birth control used for different reasons. We share our own unique takes on the different methods we've tried and di ...  Show more

Some Rules Were Made to be Broken

In this episode we discuss our new favorite relationship themed Reality Shows and what we love about them. We then tackle a current hot topic in the world: Olympic Controversy. Last, but definitely not least, we focus our celebrity chat on Madonna and ask the big question: Madonn ...  Show more

Whipping Out a Boob

Heather and Kelly are getting fired up this week with some real talk on controversial topics. Starting out with a chat about breast feeding in public and answering the age old question of how much boob is too much. Then we delve into some top headlines that have come out in recen ...  Show more