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Climate Change & Agriculture

In this episode, we explore how resilient our land-based farms and farm-related businesses are to the impacts of global climate change, as well as solutions researchers and farmers are exploring to help improve our ability to adapt long-term. We hear from industry experts on how ...  Show more

Economic Growth Through Research

Research plays a vital role in creating economic growth, talent attraction, and youth retention. When properly executed, research investments also directly support provincial priorities. In this episode we explore the different ways research can create economic growth for both ne ...  Show more

Making Food Secure

Currently 4.4 million Canadians are living in food-insecure households and 1 in 6 households in Nova Scotia are food insecure. In this episode we hear from experts leading the way in research and response to food insecurity in Nova Scotia. Listen as we explore the concept of food ...  Show more

Predicted Sea Level Rise

Nova Scotia and its 13,300 km of coastline is home to many coastal communities. Of these communities, some are already facing the impacts of changing sea levels, storm surges and climate change firsthand. In this episode you'll hear from leading researchers who are helping us bet ...  Show more

Real-Time Health Research

In health research, the voices of people outside of the research team – the patients, caregivers, families – may be lost. In this episode, you’ll hear from leading researchers who are expanding the traditional definition of a research team and designing research programs focused ...  Show more

The Power Of Play

As Canada continues to deal with effects of Covid-19, concerns over the critical importance of the early years and the impacts on kids are growing. In this episode you’ll hear from researchers specializing in children’s mental health and development, each who will share unique in ...  Show more