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Using WHAT as lube?! - Ep. 120

The final episode for season 5! So of course we dive into religion, ripped pants and what to use as lube? So take a listen or watch us on Spotify as we make fun of serious topics, shamelessly plug our projects and make fun of each other.  Make sure to subscribe and/or follow us o ...  Show more

Are we living in a simulation? - Ep. 119

We dive into simulation theory and Bob tries to explain it... very basically. We also discuss legally flashing your headlights and play Filthy Trivia about what NOT to name your child!  In this episode... ...we catch up on Adam's plumbing "situation" love to Judd Apatow a ...  Show more

Rule of Thumb and Balloon Shooting - Ep. 118

We cover a lot of hot and not hot topics. This is a comedy podcast and nothing is ever taken seriously... so save your tweets, we don't care.  In this episode we... ...learn about Adam's plumbing issue ...discuss getting caught on camera having sex Filthy Trivia about fem ...  Show more

Valentine Stories and Bad dates! - Ep. 117

Happy Valentines Day! We talk the history of Valentines Day as well as build a bear after dark, our own childhood memories and play a Filthy Trivia that may shock you!  In this episode we... ...find build a bear after dark ...discuss valentine candy and try the new Milky Way Cook ...  Show more

The grossest word and actors who quit the business? - Ep. 116

So many weird topics in this episode! From Actors who gave it all up, to learning things about Bob and Adam that you might not have known! In this episode we...  ...go through a small list of actors who quit the business on top.  ...weigh in on a heavy/controversial news topic. ( ...  Show more