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Pride 5: Adam Hull

About This Episode In our final episode of our 2022 Pride Season, we are joined for the first time by our Editor Adam Hull! We discuss what we have learnt as a team during these special episodes and Adam reflects on what Pride and accurate representation means to him as a gay man ...  Show more

PRIDE 4: Leo Allanach

About this Episode  This week we are joined by Leo Allanach, a trans filmmaker. Leo tells us how he was influenced by positive depictions of disabled characters in fiction and the importance of casting disabled actors in disabled roles for film and TV. For complete Episode Guides ...  Show more

PRIDE 3: Lee Samuels

About This Episode This week we're joined by educator and LGBTQ+ advocate Lee Samuels who tells us how being diagnosed with HIV has changed his attitude to life and how his sexuality influences his approach to teaching. For complete Episode Guides and transcripts to this and ever ...  Show more

PRIDE 2: Elle Rose

About This Episode Elle Rose talks to us about sexuality and experience in mental health hospitals. She also tells us about how difficult she has found it to get the right support for her ADHD whilst also being under the care of mental health professionals. For complete Episode G ...  Show more

PRIDE 1: History Lesson: Audre Lorde

Alice Evans, Daisy Holder & Lucy Wood bring you another History Lesson. Profiling people from history who lived survived and thrived with a disability or chronic illness. About This Episode In the first episode of our LGBTQIA Pride series, we meet with our historian Daisy Holder ...  Show more

fABLEd 2: Changelings

About This Episode In the second of our fABLEd series, Lucy explores the Changling myth, the belief that healthy children would be swapped for monstrous, deformed and disabled fairies and left for the human parents to raise.  This episode contains discussions around abuse and vio ...  Show more