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KCB's Called Off Acquisition, Centum's Results and Tesla Concerns Rocking US Markets

Last week, Centum released fair results. However, investors are still wary of Kenya's real estate sector especially after COVID-19 ravaged footfall in malls. KCB called off the acquisition of Tanzania's BancABC, citing regulatory headwinds and Tesla's valuation and volatility in ...  Show more

How Markets are Reacting to Omnicron, Bloodbath at the NSE and The Last Stretch of Banking Sector Results

Last week, Markets were shaken following the discovery of Omnicron by South African Scientists, evident in Dow's Dip by 800 bp on Friday, one of the highest since the pandemic began. The Dow dipped by 2.01% for the week, whereas the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 fell by 3.5% and 2.2% re ...  Show more

The KQ/SAA Partnership, The Auditor's Qualified Opinion on KenGen and The Curious Case of Uber Delivering Cannabis

In this episode, we discuss the partnership between Kenya Airways and South Africa Airlines, and what it means for both parties, share investor concerns on Kengen, and touch on Uber eats venture into creating and curing munchies. Listen to this episode to understand why the KQ/SA ...  Show more

Building Affordable Agricultural Insurance Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts

In this episode, we talk to Jan and Michiel from Etherisc on the use case of blockchain in agricultural insurance. We discuss the use cases and benefits and use cases of parametric insurance and smart contracts in the agricultural insurance in East Africa such as bridging afforda ...  Show more

Day Trading Debut at the NSE, KCB& Co-Op Results, and BABA Q2 Numbers

Last week, market indices were on the red, KCB, Cooperative Bank, and Alibaba reported their earnings and investors on the NSE held their breath for November 22, the debut of day trading at the NSE. Tune in to catch up on the debut of Day trading at the NSE, what ailed the market ...  Show more

The AfCFTA Intra African Business Opportunity

In this episode, we talk to Pramod Bagalwadi, CEO DHL Global Forwarding for Sub Saharan Africa on how the African Free Continental Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) will boost intra African trade. We break down how receptive national borders under the AfCFTA could benefit African MSMEs th ...  Show more