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The Santa Rally

Due to their nature, stock market anomalies like the Santa Rally and January Effect shouldn’t be taken as certainties. These market phenomena should be considered more as observations rather than predictions. As for the possibility of a 2021 Santa Rally, it’s safe to say Santa wi ...  Show more

Crypto series part II: Solana

Just like many cryptocurrencies, the value of Solana coins is derived from the utility of the blockchain network it is exchanged on. As we’ve discussed, the Solana network has architectural differences that give it advantages in speed, cost, and energy efficiency over some of its ...  Show more

Crypto series part II: XRP

While not as glamorized and talked about as some other cryptos, XRP is currently the seventh largest coin by market cap with a total value of $43.5m. Unlike some of these other coins though, XRP’s value is derived from the real-world utility of the Ripple network and its ability ...  Show more

Crypto series part II: Shiba Inu

Is Shiba Inu here to stay or is it simply the current flavor of the week? Unlike more traditional coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Shiba Inu doesn’t have a strong case for its real-world utility. It’s hard to claim SHIB is anything more than a meme, though some of its “hodlers ...  Show more

UAE Jubilee

At a time when the world is plagued by ugly strains of nationalism, populism, and division, it’s rare to find a country filled with optimism, unity, and opportunity. The UAE has made a terrific effort in ensuring that all of its residents feel welcomed and at home. The reforms an ...  Show more

It’s a bird...it’s a plane...no, it’s the price of oil!

Filling up your car might be a little more painful these days, and despite pleas from environmentalists, pledges from world leaders, and our recent ESG themed deep dive series, oil remains the lifeblood of the global economy. It runs through the cars that take us to work, the shi ...  Show more