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Men’s Edition: The 10 Rules of Sex | للرجال: قواعد الجنس العشر

‏لقد اقتربنا من نهاية الموسم الثاني وقد أعددت هذه الحلقة خصيصًا للرجال، ولكنها مهمة للنساء أيضاً.هذه القواعد العشر البسيطة هي مفتاحك لممارسة جنس ممتع.صدقني، ستشكرني لاحقًا. 1) إذا لم تكن شريكتك متحمسة لممارسة الجنس، هذا يعني أنها لا تريد فعل ذلك.2) المداعبة شرط أساسي لممارسة جنس ...  Show more

My First birth Client | أول ولادة أحضرها كدولا

‏It’s not very often that I share an entire story, and I realized I’ve never shared my first birth that I attended as a doula with anyone really.A doula’s first birth can be scary, exciting, stressful and nerve wracking, but it’s also the most magical and exhilarating experience ...  Show more

Fertility, Infertility & Loss | الخصوبة والعقم والفقدان

‏Last week was World Fertility Day and I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my own personal story with miscarriage and loss. Learning about your cycle is not optional, but necessary when you’re trying to conceive. If you don’t understand your cycle, there’s no way to t ...  Show more

FGM & Clitoral Restoration with Dr. Amr Seifeldin & Dr. Reham Awwad | ختان الإناث وترميم البظر مع الدكتور عمرو سيف الدين وجراحة التجميل ريهام عواد

‏The clitoris is the only part of the human body designed for pleasure. It has a whopping 8,000 nerve endings, twice as many as a male penis, yet in many cultures little girls are forced into genital cutting or Female Genital Mutilation. In Egypt around 40 Million women and girls ...  Show more

You are Enough | أنتِ كافية

‏You are beautiful.I dedicate this episode to every girl and every woman who was made to feel less beautiful, less desirable and less sexy because of the way you look.Listen to this episode anytime you feel you need a confidence boost. Anytime you feel less beautiful. Send this e ...  Show more