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Vulcan Materials: Rock On - [Business Breakdowns, EP.151]  

This is Matt Reustle. Today, we are breaking down Vulcan Materials. Vulcan is America's largest producer of construction aggregates. This includes all of the crushed rock, sand, and gravel, which gets used for the foundation of nearly everything around us. Think of all of the bui ...  Show more

HEICO: Parts for Planes - [Business Breakdowns, EP.150]

This is Matt Reustle. Today we are breaking down HEICO. HEICO is an aerospace business, most notably operating in the aircraft parts and repairs market. This is another case study of a very successful business in a nonobvious niche market.To break down HEICO, I am joined by Eric ...  Show more

Intel: Cyclical Recovery or Secular Demise? - [Business Breakdowns, EP.149]

This is Matt Reustle. Today, we are breaking down Intel. In the late 80s, a newly appointed CEO, Andy Grove, pivoted to exit memory chips and focus on logic chips. They were the leading edge chip designer, but Intel missed out on the mobile market and EUV technology as technology ...  Show more

Arthur J. Gallagher: Insurance Broking - [Business Breakdowns, EP.148]

I'm Zack Fuss. Today we're breaking down Arthur J. Gallagher, a global insurance brokerage. AJG was established in 1927 by Arthur James Gallagher and is now one of the largest insurance brokerages by revenue, exceeding $10 billion. AJG competes with the likes of Marsh McLennan, A ...  Show more

Samsung: Semiconductors over Smartphones - [Business Breakdowns, EP.147]

This is Matt Reustle. Today, we are breaking down the technology conglomerate Samsung. Only Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon ranked higher than Samsung in Interbrand's latest brand value rankings, with Samsung being the fifth most valuable brand in the world. It's everywhere ...  Show more