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EP. 254- Self pity vs Self Compassion (How Compassion can elevate your experience, AND accelerate your results)

You’ve heard sooo many of my clients share their stories on the podcast, you’ve read about their transformations and how they rave about their experience. You’ve literally heard it in their voices as they share... THEY FEEL EMPOWERED, LIBERATED FROM THE STRUGGLE, AND LOVING THEIR ...  Show more

EP. 253- Greatest Hits - HOLIDAY EDITION! (part 1)

WARNING: NO 'holiday tips and tricks' here. But that’s actually the good news! HERE’S WHY: When you buy those magazines last minute at the grocery store as you’re checking out (Oh, I KNOW. Been there. DONE THAT), the ones that say on the cover ‘Tips to lose weight this Holiday Se ...  Show more

EP. 252- Permission to Commiserate.

The majority of my clients come to me because they are just at a loss for how to stop emotionally eating and overeating in a way that sabotages their goals and desired results. This weeks' episode is a must listen, because I breakdown 3 key points that will be important for you t ...  Show more

EP. 251- PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUR BODY (*de-condition perfectionistic thinking)

Women ALL around the world internally struggle with emotional eating and sabotage. Here’s how it goes down: You were planning to 'eat healthy' or 'follow your diet' but then... you eat an Oreo. Next thing you know, you've spent the rest of the night eating the full package of Ore ...  Show more

EP. 250- Greatest Hits - Volume 5

As we celebrate over 250 episodes, almost 5 yrs of ‘THE LAST 10’ podcast… This LAST 10 special series is gonna be our BEST OF, my greatest hits. I believe EVERY single episode of the podcast until now, has had its own unique value but in this GREATEST HITS SERIES I’m brining you ...  Show more

EP. 249- Losing Weight with EASE & JOY - Dr. Gillianne's Story

This week’s podcast episode is a freaking gem. You just have GOT to listen. I talked with my client GILLIANNE (love you Gillianne!) CHECK THIS OUT: She’s a board-certified radiation oncologist. She’s a certified life coach. She’s a business owner & entrepreneur. She’s a mom of tw ...  Show more