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A Farewell to Arms - LD and Dale Help Bully Wind Things Down

Bully sits down with Crypto Dale ( https://twitter.com/CryptoDale) and LD--or Listen Destro (https://twitter.com/listendestro) for his final podcast. They talk about Dale and LD's new podcast, how they all ended up in crypto, and their views on the BTC/Altcoin markets.Thanks to al ...  Show more

Practicing on the Cutting Edge - Talking Crypto Law with Jake Chervinsky

Bully sits down with Jake Chervinsky ( https://twitter.com/jchervinsky), the General Counsel of Compound Finance (https://compound.finance/), to discuss how decentralized finance (or "DeFi") is changing the world of traditional finance. They discuss the basics of Compound and dive ...  Show more

How Blockworks - Talking Crypto Media with Michael Ippolito, Co-Founder of Blockworks

Bully sits down with Michael Ippolito ( https://twitter.com/MichaelIppo), the co-founder of Blockworks (https://blockworks.co/) to discuss how he started Blockworks, how they have scaled the business, institutional adoption of Bitcoin, and his views on the direction of the crypto ...  Show more

Bitcoin Rewards with Alex Adelman

Bully sits down with Alex Adelman, CEO and Co-Founder of Lolli ( https://www.lolli.com/) to discuss how users can get paid in Bitcoin just by shopping online.–––Node40Buy, sell or exchange crypto this year? With NODE40, crypto-savvy investors can easily determine their tax obligat ...  Show more

The Rise of LegalTech - Talking Legal Technology with Brad Newman

Bully sits down with Brad Newman ( https://twitter.com/legaltechirl), Senior Practice Innovation Manager at Cooley law firm, to discuss how technological innovation is being used by large law firms and in house legal departments to lower costs and increase efficiency. They also di ...  Show more