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OSPod Episode 68: Spartans, Nine Realms, and the Pirate Ship of Theseus!

Hoist the colors! Not those colors! OSPod is back with a discussion of Sparta's warrior culture, the nine (?) realms, and Indigo's deep deep fear of E.T. Will our crew, well, crew their own pirate vessels? Or will they sink nameless on the high seas?Our podcast, like our videos, ...  Show more

OSPod Episode 67: Blue at PAX, Bathos, and Gritty Etiquette!

What's that behind you! It's a totally important and not at all undercut serious episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast! Also in this episode; Blue recaps his panel with Ludohistory at PAX East, Red unpacks Bathos, the gang decides their Kirby copy abilities, and Indigo talks ab ...  Show more

OSBonus: Oops All Artists Special!

Blue is away so the artists will play! Red and Indigo are joined by JoCat and Echo Gillette to talk about their creative process, finding their style, and answer your art-related questions. It's a very special oops all artists episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast!Our podcast, ...  Show more

OSPod Episode 66: Arcane Detailed Diatribes, Sparta, and Special Guest Sarah Z!

The OSPod crew is joined by YouTuber Sarah Z this week as we unpack everything from the proper viewing order for Spartan history to the powerful touch of a lesbian in character design! Plus, pancakes vs waffles, bird opinions, and so so much more!Our podcast, like our videos, som ...  Show more

OSPod Episode 65: Ancient Greek Post-Apocalypses, Those Dang Phones, and Divine Beast Vah Epona!

We're calling from the pasttttt OoohhOOhhhhHHHOOOO! This episode was recorded pretty far in advance, but that hasn't stopped us from talking about those dang phones and Greece's post-apocalyptic past! Plus, extensive Breath of the Wild speculation, and some robo-Indigo cameos!Our ...  Show more