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F*** Hut Music School for Teens

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Check out a sneak preview of F*** Hut Music School for Teens! Created by Mitra Jouhari. Produced by Forever Dog. Premiering Dec 3rd. https://foreverdogpodcasts.com/podcasts/fuck-hut-music-school-for-teensSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice ...  Show more


New student Timoshy Quarterback tries to enroll in Fuck Hut Music School for Teens to pursue his passion for drum. But will Fuck Hut accept a football boy as one of their own? And things get REALLY complicated when Timoshy gets a horny crush on hot girl Serena. Meanwhile, adminis ...  Show more


Popular kids Grigori and Kindall stage an audition for Timoshy in the school auditorium to determine whether he can join their exclusive clique and become hot girl Serenas life partner. And if he fails? He gets a lobotomy! Meanwhile, triplets Big Kayte, Little Cait, and Rude Kate ...  Show more


Finally some sex on this show! Timoshy and Serena take their relationship to the next level by raw dogging in the hallway. And later Timoshy pays a sexy visit to Mrs. Proctor in her office. Plus Grigori and Kindall reveal a HUGE secret to each other and the Triplets have a terrif ...  Show more


Relationships in crisis! Serena confronts Timoshy about his affair with Mrs. Proctor, while Grigori and Kindall take their teen marriage to childrens divorce court. Plus is Big Kayte ok? It seems like she might be dying!Written and Directed by Mitra Jouhari. Starring Whitmer Thom ...  Show more


SEASON FINALE! The big songwriting competition! Who will win? Who will go to jail? A week of crisis comes to a head at F*** Hut Music School for Teens and the lives of Timoshy Quarterback, Serena, Grigori, Kindall, the Triplets, Mr. Teacher, and Mrs. Proctor will never be the sam ...  Show more