Iconography with Ayo Edebiri and Olivia Craighead

Iconography with Ayo Edebiri and Olivia Craig...

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Season 2 Finale: 2 Costner 2 Conundrum

In the last episode of the season, it's just Ayo and Olivia as they discuss all of their favorite icons! From Judy Greer, to Tim Meadows, even to friend of the pod, Ziwe! All that and more, listen now!!----THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY BETTERHELP!Get 10% off your first month at be ...  Show more

Grace Jones (w/ Janelle James)

Janelle joins us in conversation about her icon, Grace Jones! Janelle reveals the moment she realize Grace was an icon, why there couldn't be a Grace Jones today, and ultimately, which man could sleep with Halle Berry on a bed of diamonds. Plus, Ayo discusses Jim Carrey and Olivi ...  Show more

LeBron James (w/ Hayes Davenport)

LeBron James! Hayes Davenport joins us in conversation about his icon, LeBron James! In our longest episode yet, Hayes discusses exclusive information concerning the "Space Jam" sequel, the Vine kid who said LeBron's name, and LeBron's obsession with high school. Plus, Ayo and Ol ...  Show more

Ayo's Pick: Robert Townsend

In our second part of our Director Series, Ayo is discussing her pick, Robert! Ayo talks where she was introduced to him, Robert's connection to Bill Cosby, and they both play Marry, Fuck, Kill with his movies. Enjoy!----THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY FEALSBecome a member today by ...  Show more

Olivia's Pick: Noah Baumbach

In part one of our Director Series, Olivia is discussing her pick, Noah Baumbach! Olivia talks "Frances Ha," plays Fuck, Marry, Kill with his movies, and Ayo reveals why she's annoyed with him. Plus, they talk Whitney & Bobby and Tevin Campbell.----THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY BE ...  Show more

Jim Morrison (w/ Naomi Fry)

Naomi Fry joins us this week to discuss all things Jim Morrison! Naomi talks his iconic hair, how she felt about his spoken word album and on the theory that he's still alive. Plus, Olivia and Ayo talk Bon Appétit and the guy with all the rings from "A Marriage Story."----THIS EP ...  Show more